Mehmet (Matt) Kerem Turkcan

Postdoctoral Research Scientist and Lecturer at Columbia University | mkt2126 (at)

Selected Research Projects

This section summarizes some of my most recent projects relating to my PhD research.

FlyBrainLab User Interface: NeuroMynerva

FlyBrainLab: An Interactive Open Computing Platform for Exploring the Drosophila Brain

FlyBrainLab is an interactive computing platform for studying the function of executable circuits constructed from fruit fly brain data. FlyBrainLab is designed with three main capabilities in mind: (i) 3D exploration and visualization of fruit fly brain data, (ii) creation of executable circuits directly from the explored and visualized fly brain data, and (iii) interactive exploration of the functional logic of the devised executable circuits.
FlyBrainLab is open-sourced on GitHub, and contains many subpackages for generating graph embeddings, on-GPU connectome-realistic circuit execution, and experimentation.

NeuroNLP.FlyCircuit Gene Match

NeuroNLP Gene Match—An open source genetic data visualizer and explorer

NeuroNLP Gene Match (NGM) is a web-based genetic expression and neural circuit explorer with advanced 3D visualization capabilities. NGM enables the (i) 3D exploration of Drosophila connectomics and gene expression (e.g., GAL4) datasets, (ii) Matching of neurons in connectomics datasets against registered light microscopy data and vice versa, and (iii) Identifying neurons in a connectome or gene expression dataset given a 2D image in a publication.
NeuroNLP Gene Match integrates data from recently released microscopy datasets and single-neuron-scale connectomics datasets and provides a means to match neurons from connectomics datasets in user workspaces against the microscopy datasets. NeuroNLP Gene Match is part of the "BrainMapsViz" set of applications for the Fruit Fly Brain Observatory (FFBO) ecosystem (see below).

Fruit Fly Brain Observatory

Fruit Fly Brain Observatory

The Fruit Fly Brain Observatory (FFBO) provides tools for the (i) 3D exploration and visualization of fruit fly brain data, (ii) creation of executable circuits, (iii) interactive exploration of the functional logic of executable circuits.