Mehmet Kerem Turkcan

Columbia Electrical Engineering Ph.D. Student | mkt2126 (at) | (347) 988-0631

This page contains my past works of art and literature.



Fugue: A modernist poem.

As Frail: A small tribute to Edgar Allan Poe.

Four Stages: A childish sounding criticism. Published in a local magazine.


Eyes of Janus: A short science fiction story attempting to imitate Dostoyevsky's style.

Solace and Beauty: A short story on games and humanity.

Drop by Drop: Another short piece on absurdism and nihilism.

Grandeur of Mortality: A simple science fiction story.


Fragments of a Prologue: A short play on robotics.

Literature in Turkish:


Baharlar (Springs): A collection of the poems I've written during my middle and high school years.


Cycnus: A collection of old stories and blog posts.