Mehmet (Matt) Kerem Turkcan

Postdoctoral Research Scientist and Lecturer at Columbia University | mkt2126 (at)

This page contains my past works of art and literature.

Visual Arts:

Paintings: One of my main hobbies is digital paintings, and these days I publish my latest art on ArtStation first. I mainly paint landscapes, and have been getting better slowly over the last few years.

A Gallery of the Artificial: A Gallery of the Artificial is an experiment in which I curated, cropped and cleaned a large dataset of portraits from various sources in an attempt to create a high quality portrait model to generate assets for role playing games and related applications. A Gallery of the Artificial was selected for display in the 2019 NeurIPS Creativity Workshop.

Independent Video Games and Game Development Tools:

Video Games: I am into independent video game development, and I try to participate in various 7-day or 48-hour independent game development competitions as programming practice. I publish my games and game development tools under the Wisedawn moniker.

The following section contains my art from my high school years, so everything after this point is very old!